Meet the Trustees

Regular Meetings

  • 6:00 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Paul Pratt Memorial Library
    35 Ripley Road
    Cohasset, MA


  • Carolyn Coffey, Chair
    Since 2011
  • Elaine Breslow
    Since 2016
  • Stephen Brown
    Since 2014
  • Lynne Degiacomo
    Since 2012
  • David Dwyer 
    Since 2015
  • Marylou Lawrence
    Since 2008
  • Agnes McCann
    Since 1984
  • Sarah R. Pease
    Since 1995


There are nine Trustees of the Paul Pratt Memorial Library, elected for staggered, three-year terms.


The Trustees are not only advocates for Cohasset’s public library, but are responsible for overseeing the library’s operations, establishing policies and plans, and determining the library’s budget. The Trustees meet every month on the second Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are open to the public and are held at the library.

Recent Accomplishments

In recent years, the Trustees persuaded Town Meeting to move the library from its 100-year home on South Main Street to the renovated former elementary school on Ripley Road. A Committee of the Trustees organized a campaign that raised more than $1.1 million to add to a $1.5 million Massachusetts Library Construction grant and Cohasset appropriations of $600,000. Sale of the old library contributed another $700,000 to the project. Another Committee of the Trustees and the Library Director worked with its architect and interior designer to design and furnish the new library. In 2003, other Trustees served with staff and a representative of the Friends of the Cohasset Library on a five-year Long Range Plan for the library. Currently, the Library Director and Trustees are challenged to find funding to meet the enthusiastic Cohasset response to its new library, and are grateful to the Friends of Cohasset Library for its generous financial support.


The Board of Trustees endorses in general principle the “Freedom to Read” and “Library Bill of Rights” statements of the American Library Association.