Endowment Donor Wall

Public recognition of a gift to the Cohasset Library Trust is a wonderful way to memorialize someone who is deceased or to honor someone you respect and admire—or as a gift to “someone who has everything.” A minimum gift of $5,000 will enable the donor to name a fund and add their own name or another person’s to the Endowment Donor Wall in the entry way to the library. Gifts are listed on the Donor Wall at different giving levels.

Giving Levels

  • gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 are Donors
  • gifts of $10,000 to $24,000 are Sponsors
  • gifts of $25,000 to $49,999 are Benefactors
  • gifts of $50,000 to $99,000 are Patrons
  • gifts of $100,000 and over are Philanthropists
Pledges to create a named fund may be paid over three years.