Donation of Materials Policy

The Paul Pratt Memorial Library is happy to accept gifts of hardcover and paperback books that are less than ten years old and in good condition. The Library Director will determine whether such books may be accessioned, or allocated to the Friends of the Library book sale, or discarded. Audio-books or special interest books that would enhance the library’s present collection may also be accepted. Please check with the library staff first. Current magazines (less than six months old) are also accepted and will be used as duplicates or offered free to the public on the library’s magazine exchange cart. The library cannot accept large collections of magazines, older books, textbooks or books that have been marked or underlined by students. Please consult with the library staff before bringing in material.*

Adopted by the Trustees of the Paul Pratt Memorial Library, November 11, 1998

*It is understood that if a person brings books in without calling ahead, we will accept them gracefully.