Meeting Room Operating Policy & Application

The Paul Pratt Memorial Library has six meeting rooms with different capacities.
Room Capacity
Children' Story Room 30
Community Room 14
Group Study Room A 6
Group Study Room B 6
Historical Room 15
Meeting Room 60


  1. No Rooms shall be used for more than the number of persons allowed as designated in the chart.
  2. Meetings cannot be scheduled more frequently than once per month without special permission from the Library Director or the Board of Library Trustees.
  3. Meeting space will not be held for individuals / groups arriving up to 10 minutes late if there is demand for the space from other library patrons.
  4. It is suggested that individuals or organizations reserving rooms make a donation to the Friends of the Cohasset Library. This may be done by sending a check to the Friends or depositing money in the Friends' donation box at the Circulation Desk. Contributions also may be made directly to the library via the gift account.
  5. Only the Community Room and Meeting Room may be reserved when the library is closed. In these instances, the Friends will take responsibility for granting access at the start of the meeting and informing the users about the usage and cleanup policy (see items 6 through 12).
  6. The Community Room may not be reserved during the library’s open hours.
  7. Refreshments are permitted only in the Community Room and in the Meeting Room.
  8. Smoking in the building or on the library grounds is not permitted.
  9. Alcohol may not be served when the library is open, but may be served when the library is closed if approval has been granted by the Board of Library Trustees. A one day liquor license is needed only if there is a cash bar or cash is changing hands, as in an admittance fee. An application for a one-day liquor license must be submitted to Town Hall at least 21 days prior to the event. A liquor license is not needed if there is no cash bar or there is no fee or admittance charge or cash changing hands at the event. In this case the person who is running the event may serve alcohol without applying for a license and after receiving permission from the Board of Library Trustees.
  10. Users are required to leave the room(s), including bathrooms as they were found. A cleaning fee may be charged.
  11. Users must set up tables and chairs, and return them to the storage closets directly following all meetings.
  12. Users must submit a meeting room application form.
  13. Nothing may be attached to the walls inside or outside of the library.
  14. A list of equipment for each room including chairs, tables, audiovisual equipment, and French gallery rods is available.
  15. The Library Director and or the Board of Library Trustees may make exceptions to operating policy.
Adopted March 12, 2003, and revised January 14, 2004, April 20, 2005, November 14, 2007, and October 14, 2010 by the Paul Pratt Memorial Board of Trustees.